Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am drowning in assignments... No choice but had to take leave tomorrow so that I can write that 500 word summary. I know...its only 500 words, but its damn difficult to decode a person's article and write it all over again lah!! Anyway, I try to be as hardworking as I can tomorrow. I must do well.

Well, today is a good day! Had some sharing session in office and attendence were overwhelming. Tired but happy! Everybody deserve a good long rest! *claps*

I am wondering what to rank in my blog. I will only rank those which I think are the best. Most of the stuffs that I rank are mostly 'open shelf items'. Means you can get them in SASA / John Little / Watsons. Not those atas ones lah. Unless they are good and worth the price.

Recently, Candydoll is available in SG. I think you can get it in Watsons (Takashimaya). This brand is created by a famous japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. She is my favourite model. (although she went for plastic surgery) She is damn pretty. I haven't really go to Watsons to check out the stuffs yet. But I had ordered the stuffs online from this blog! LoveCosme Closet. Delivery is fast and service is good. Can check it out.

The most popular product is this CandyDoll Face Powder. Here's some info bout it.

5 Strong Points of this Face Powder:

1. Mineral Contents which will not irritate the skin

2. The powder consists of micro bits in different sizes
which strengthens in helping to cover up the pores

3. The translucent shade matches all skin color!

4. It does not oxidize easily like most of other face powder

5. Most suitable for touch-up of makeup

It cost $32.90. I haven't receive mine. Will post a review on it once I've tried!
Also, I go myself the Mashmallow Purple Highlight. Its not bad and looks really natural. I think it goes best with the shocking pink blusher.You will get the dolly look.

Anyway, check out LoveCosme Closet to check out the items! I think its really a good deal. They have most of the popular items featured in the Japanese magazines. Love it.

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