Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm starting to think that I am a 'curse'. Whoever that works closely with me had to 'leave'. Transfer, resign, transfer, resign. Im forever the one standing there, alone, lost, then picked myself up and move on again. Its like a milestone kinda thing. If i were to plant a flag everytime someone around me leaves, it would be 4 already...or more. I a curse?! I began to wonder if its their problem or mine? I know its not me directly, however..people come and go. Its like the survival game, whoever endure the longest, survives... Give up? You are OUT.

I hate the adult world. I hate growing up. I realised I cant do without a job now. When I was young ( i am too now) I could leave without any worries. But now i realised i cant. WE realised we cant.

25 is suppose to be colorful, exciting, free, fun! But while doing so, it also uncovers the vicious truth about real life. Realities, darkness, politics...and whats coming ahead?

Just come lah. Just run over me and let me get over with.

I just hate to be an adult.

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