Friday, November 6, 2009


Its supposedly autumn now. However, in this little island that I live in, its summer throughout! Recently, it started raining and the weather is getting cooler.

I like it.

Although it won't get any colder below 25deg, I am already very glad when the sun don't shine on my face. Humidity is another disaster.

Oh well, I'm kinda lost trying to blog something here. Because I set this as a public blog. Totally 'transparent' I'm so used to blogging in private, I can write anything. Now, it seems like I had to wtch every letter I typed. Hahaha.

I hope this doesn't look boring......

I can say that this is the 3rd blog. The 1st one is a private one which is only open to people whom I gave my 'passport' to, the 2nd one is a public blog which is dedicated to him. The 3rd is this.....for everyone! I'll try to update some interesting soon~ By the way, I name it Momosora, because it just reminds me of a sky of falling peaches!

Yummy sweet, pink and blue, freedom and happiness~


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

OK. I see. This is your third blog. One for just your close friends and another one for your boyfirend, and they public one for everyone else. That explains why there are not so many comments on this public blog since even though it is is very good, probably most of your friends are posting comments on your private blog. I feel better now learning this since I was feeling sad that after all you have been doing this blog for a while but there was not so many comments which I couldn't understand since it is a very nice blog. And I like the name, momosora, which creates a nice image in your head. :-)

ももそら said...

Haha! Momosora creates a very nice image in my head too~ A sky of falling peaches.... I can almost smell it! By the way, I popped by your blog as well and u made nice accessories! ^^ Will check out some of your nice stuff soon! ^^