Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Innovation Carnival

Today's our annual innovation carnival!! I was appointed as the 'creative director' for this time's deco...haha! Our theme this time round is "Red Mansion" We had to make the room as bloody as scary as possible. Er hum....dun think its a problem for artist Low (esp someone whose an expert in room revamping)..hahaha!

Yesterday me n my colleagues spent half of the day doing the deco. Even took the stuffs back home to paint a banner thingy for our red mansion...=) Each dept was allocated a room for the deco. You have to be as innovative as possible. Encountered some difficulties but overall it was fun. Finally today was the actual thing. Our room was the most eye catching one I can say....Bloody red, we covered the lights with cellophene, put up the banners, used some red paint to do the spraying, plus 2 'spotlights' which r covered with green cellophene to create the ghostly atmosphere. Lastly, we went to buy red roses n put flower petals all arnd. We also pin strips of red cloth from the ceiling that create a sleazy feel~ Instant gothic look!

However, due to the red lights i tink our room look more like a brothel! HAHA! We began to 'pull customers' in...hehe (might as well match the brothel look) Alot of guys dont dare to step in...cos its like some red light district. We played games...showcase some of our projects...Damn crowded the whole day. Saw alot of old colleagues too. =) Its was crowded since morn till noon...lots of laughter n fun. I also went around looking for my other colleagues, playing games and winning sweets!

Soon, its time to pack up! Abit sad to pull down the decos..haha..hard work! A pity to throw the stuffs away. Luckily there is a guy from dono which dept, he was asking if we r going to throw my "Red Mansion" banner away. Think he like that...hehe~ In the end I gave it to him~ So flattered that someone actually wan that!! HAHA!

So this ends the day~ Tired...but its alot of fun! Enjoyed that!

These are the pics!

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