Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Understanding the feeling of loneliness. Everytime I feel like some big author whenever i update my blog..lolx..sharing inspiring thoughts with u guys. Although some ppl might just think its craps, but too bad~ ure still reading it anyway~

Back to our 'loneliness' topic, ever had times you feel that ure alone? Im born in quite a big family, countless of cousins and i have a younger bro. Since young, i always had companion, so i never felt lonely. When i stepped into pri sch, i had my best fren~ Shes still my best fren now~ more den 15yrs of friendship, im glad i have her =) During the times in poly, I had my group of buddies n bandmates. Dancing n music is what I do every week, living my life to the 'fullest' Lolx! Stepping my life into poly is abit exciting, much more freedom then what i expect. Although there were times when i forgot theres no class today n end up waiting alone at the bustop for my classmates, im never lonely. Until when im older...i get to understand how loneliness feels like.

I never eat alone, shop alone nor went to any doc or salon all by myself~ Im used to having a companion. When i see ppl eating alone i feel kinda sad, dono y but to them its perfectly normal~ Probably they are use to it. Until now, i still dont lunch out alone. Haha.. but recently, i realise that there are unavoidable times where you need to be alone. I need time for myself. Probably everyone around you grow busier, everyone had their own things to do. This kind of loneliness is still not too bad, at least by the time you reach home theres a hot bowl of soup waiting for you or some furry animal will come wagging their tails at you =)Welcoming you home~

The other kind of loneliness is the loneliness within you. Even dou ure with ur best friend, out there enjoying, having dinner. However, your heart is lonely... Probably its an empty feeling which only that particular someone ure thinking will be able to fill the empty space. You try hard not to think, but at night before you slp, the person came to your mind once more.

You wish to see the person, the more you wish the more you wont. Sudden moodiness arising out of nowhere. Sometimes you say that ure alright, but most of time ure not. You may be smiling on the outside but inside ur heart, sometimes its crying..
Its all within you. But i guess this kind of feeling will soon be gone after you find the love of your life~ LOlx~

Loneliness....Sometimes you just need to live with it~

Cheerios to anyone who read this!

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