Saturday, July 16, 2005

~Happy Birthday To Me~

~16 July 2005~

Its my special day cos im officiallly 21! Im ADULT! LOLz.... Didnt throw a big bash, but had a small gathering with my ex colleagues at out video store after closing on 15/7, n today i celebrate my bday with my family. Me and my godma's bday falls on the same day~

Fri evening i was rotting at home the whole day, bout 10plus at night i made my way dwn to RV. Didnt see my colleagues for such a long time! miss them loads~ They r still e same~ As cheeky as ever lolz..Quite a number of new faces ive never seen b4, from different outlets. When i step into our mini pantry, they are preparing food for our steamboat. They also bought Vodkas n beer~ Had a few drinks..N we played a game call "Ive never" Something like truth or dare. They made the vodka damn sip is enough to make my throat burn~LOL.. Thank god im quite lucky throughout the game so didnt drink much. My colleagues drank alot n 3 were drunk~ We stay in the shop till 3plus n by the time i reach home its bout 3.30am. Its sweet of my colleagues to remember my bday..So many ppl sang "Happy Bday" to me..Sobsob! damn touched~~~

Today is my actual bday~! Morning i woke up at 12plus, rot at home....n mummy suggested that we shall have our dinner outside later. Evening time my godpa came over then i remembered its my godma's bday too! Our bdays falls on e same date. Shes my godma n also my mum's best fren. So evening bout 7 we walked from our house to a eating place at tiong bahru. Its a old shophouse kinda place selling some seafood. Dad says we used to eat there with my godparents when im very young. Roughly i had a faint idea of the place~ Looks familiar.. Its not very near from my hz to tiong bahru but 6 of us walked there. Along the way we chat n laugh~ Its like walking dwn memory lane~ Heehee...

We had a sumptous dinner today! Ordered fish (damn nice), my favourite beancurd, steam crab, chicken, old cucumber soup ( love this), n veggie. The place looks old but there were a few foriegners n japanese. I guess the food is really good thus there were quite a number of tourists~ Dad paid for the bill, woah...quite ex man.... After our dinner, we walked all the way to Tiong Bahru Plaza for my bday cake! I was aiming my fav Tiramisu! But so sad they dont have the end mum bought a black forest one. Not too bad, its nt very sweet~ just nice for me...heehee

We found a cool spot and sat down. Me n my godma made a wish n cut our cake! Its my 21st bday!! I made a long looong wish! ...=) Cant say it out! Oops~ We sat there n chit chat of the old days, and over there outside the shopping centre there are some strings performances. Ppl playing violins n god~ so nice~ So 6 of us enjoyed our cake while listening to the nice music.

Its bout 9plus, time to go home! We past by one of the Videoezy outlet newly open at Tiong Bahru n i brought my dad in. Saw the 2 new colleagues over there. Dad saw a number of new movies.. wait till im free im going to come dwn here n grab them for free~! LOlx Thinking of franchise another videoezy. My godma suggested if we franchise one she can sit there n collect money~ LOlx. Not a bad idea, its a profitable business...She can be one of the shareholder~ Bt Merah is a good spot! heh heh! We browse around the new shop and, after that we walked my godparents to their block n then we head for home~

What a day~ Its family day today! havent been like this for so long~ Reminds me of the time when im young lolx. Its a plain simple 21st bday, but i guess i wont forget this special day...=)

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