Friday, June 10, 2005

That's love

Love can make a person dumb. When i was 5, love is very simple. I can even tell the boy i like straight in the face "I like you, do u like me?" not going to tell u who he is~ heh heh! anyway, that happens when im still in my kindergarden. I get jealous when he partner with other girls andthat girl will eventually becomes my so called "enemy". That was the past~ Silly but it was sweet~=) But i think i don't even know what is love.

When im 7, love is still simple. I'll fall in love with the guy who sits beside me in class. Even though we draw a line across the table, we quarrel and we fight. Thats the 1st time i pull a boy's ears so hard that it become red. Il pinch him real hard, but he still let me copy his work. It is also the first time i actually blush because of him. We talk so much during class that we were punish to stand throughout the class. LOL~ I thought i understand what is love, but actually... I don't.

When im 13, love is something very romantic. I like roses and chocolates. I begin to know how it feels like to admire someone secretly. That someone is usually the most popular guy in school. Hes practically the motivation for me in school. Walking past his classroom jus to catch a glimpse of the handsome face =) Scribbling his names all over my textbook and desk~ There are many reasons when i like this guy, cos hes popular, hes handsome, a nice smile and he has dimples~ LOLX...i love guys with dimples. There are so many reasons that made me fall for him. Everything is romantic, even the way he chase after my bus.

Love becomes complicated when im 16, I begin to know love actually hurts. I fell in love with love dramas and love novels. It is the 1st time i wrote a letter to a guy. My best friend become our personal messenger lol. This time i thought, hes the one~ I can remember during the time i played the song "Eyes on me" on the piano, hes sitting right beside me. Everything at 16 is romantic. Even til now, whenever i play "Eyes on me" , il still think of him. He gave me the sweetest memories in school but he also made me cry. Like i say, love can make a person dumb, when u realise u are always doing stupid things n you cant stop thinking of him 24/7, congrats~ youre in lurvE~
3 years isnt a very short time. I took 3yrs to forget. I realise, im afraid to fall in love again. Maybe i should just let go.

Now at 20, love is nothing. I dont yearn for all the romantic stuffs. (Flowers r still important dou=) Looks become less important. Maybe someone who is reliable n mature. Someone who can share your problems and be there when youre alone. He do not need to be popular or dashing~ Just a simple someone who will be there. to grow old with you together.

You don't need a reason to love someone. Love dont need a reason.

But in my finest hour, im still alone.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up! I am sure that someday you will meet the right guy.

Kyandei said...

LSY..LOL...You just need to go further one step to understand more about the guy that you are interested, to see if you are compatible with him or not. You always give up so easily...first sight is nothing.. PS: Just a general advice. muahaha.. dun misunderstand!