Saturday, December 4, 2004

Here cums my weekendZ!!!


Im alone in office nw, juz finish wk~ guess wad! im goin shoppin later! yey~ finally can destress n my wkend is finally here~

Had been workin like a mad women...=(

Oh, wad im goin to buy? heehee lets shoe..clothes~ oopz~ Vain am i

ahh...hw nice it is nt to wk..nxt wk im off on fri sat n sun!! yey!!!

Long week end is here~

todays caller not too bad, no nasty ones..only long winded ~ k la.....hope they faster recruit new comers den i wont b so lonely here at my "neighbour" beside me..hmm feels so weird~

time is so slow..n my fren will b late~ gotta rot alone in office till 1:45pm~ Shucks!

Tink my hair is in a mess today~ tried stylin it abit n makes me late~

haiz..hope later my eyeliner wont smudge!!

Oh no..hungry nw, gonna eat jap food later...hmmmm wad shld i eat?~

rice?....udon? keke~ =)

Damn quiet in office eh..gotta on some music

Yawnz~~ faster faster 1:30~ im so bored!!!

i go check my email~ gotta goo...


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