Thursday, October 28, 2004

Moving On~

Thursday~~ yeah! tml's finally fri! life has been hectic n stress! handling all e calls...complaints...enquiries~
12/11 im gettin paid! yey! shopping time! =)
Todays weather is rainy....cold~ gd, my fav kind of weather~
things hav been quite settled at my wkplace, kinda gettin e hang of it . But stil cant hit e target of 75 calls per day. stress~ How to hit??? damn diff!
Finaly tmls fri! goin to catch a horror movie after that, hope ah neo can make it! long time didnt meet her.
Lots of things to catch up! miss hanging out at orchard!!!

while schoolin, nov n dec is e best time cos its holidays!! ever since started wk....everyday is e same...n public holiday seems so precious nw!

haiz~ hope tml wil b a better day!

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