Monday, February 7, 2011


I realised I took lots of lomo photos of buildings and landscapes. Gives a lonely feel, haha. Although it was a short trip but the aim of everybody was pretty diverse. Uncle just wants to sleep and live in luxury everyday, auntie went for hair and manicure, mum is food and me is shopping.

Wanted to check out the fashion of Bangkok but it was quite disappointing still. No sights of the latest upcoming spring fashion, but still lots of flowers and lace. Quite outdated la... But managed to get a few vintage pieces and nice shoes!

Anyway, going to do a post on the random japanesey things of Bangkok.

I stayed in the Soul Twin Tower hotel. Its the same one that I went years ago. Its forever packed with Japanese although the japanese restaurant suck like hell. Hate that! Dont ever go there....

Its all Daikoku and u see...only 4 staff! SUCKY!!!!

The hotel is not located in the prime location but getting taxi was easy and its very near to the shopping area. Wanted to stay in Amari Hotel but its full!! Amari is a 5-star hotel and it looks damn class!!! In e end we went Amari Hotel for dinner at the Thai restaurant and its damn fuglicious!

This is the first thing I bought from Watsons! I bought this from LOFT in Japan and love it so much! Suprised that Watsons in Bangkok have it. Its a hair treatment pack which will color ur hair temporarily. It comes in several colors and black is my favourite! Cos my hair color is light, so layering black on top gives it a ashey look and it makes my hair smooth and smell damn nice! Just apply like normal hair conditioner in the shower and rinse it off after 5mins. The japanese man got it for me while he visited me last year and I havent use it yet. ^___^

There's a whole load of japanese products at watsons and they have the whole range os Palty hair color! Was tempted to buy but I wouldnt dye my hair myself didnt get any. I think my favourite shopping area was Siam Square, you can find lots of local thai designer clothes there. The fashion is more updated there but its quite costly. Some dresses can cost as much as $80sgd! Siao rite? I wouldnt go and buy expensive things. But the shoes are cheap, I bought 2 pairs at only $28sgd. And its furry on the inside!

Somehow, Siam Square reminds me of Harajuku Takeshita Street. Less the hot weather~ And Novotel is just nearby. Next time shall stay there!!!

The price is bout the same as Spore, between 15 - 20bucks. And they have a whole range of Love Passport perfume on sale!! I almost wanted to get the Kumiki Love Juliet series....but I stopped myself again. Probably cos the packaging looks a little odd and dubious.

Its Liz Lisa day....................! And i look weird in this hot weather!!! hahaha...but happy am I.

Ok...this is Platinum Mall. The cheapest place on earth...crowded, messy and sometimes rude salesgirl. Its like Far east plaza but worse. Whole load of cheap clothes but not many shops selling shoes and bags, so I was disappointed!! But i still managed to get 10pieces of clothes 5 bags and ONE pair of shoe.

At night its bath time!!! I realised the best time to take a hot bath is either early evening or early morning. Cos thats the time when less people using hot water. Then I'll have sufficient hot water for my bathtub. The first night I bathe at 11-12midnight and the water was not cold!! Wasted my Hinoki bath salt!

This is the peaches and cream one i bought from ALT. Its $10 for this thing ok!?!!? Then I realised why its good, cos theres essential oil inside! The water feels oily and it makes my skin soft for the whole day and the smell lasted for 2 days! Love it man!!!!

Although it makes the water orange..... By the way, the hinoki one i bought from Nishino pharmacy was $1.40 each and it makes the water green! Damn nice.

Here's the nicest green tea latte on earth!! And there's konnyaku jelly inside!!

And here's my steal from BANGKOK!!



Mimi said...

eek! My home town yay!! xxx

ももそら said...

What a nice place to shop! ^__^