Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All Nautical

It's the nautical look today! Just received my uniform set from Popu Store. So nice!! But the skirt is somehow inappropriate for work. But love it too~! Shall wear the full uniform plus my black ribbon~

Dinner at Tonkichi with the girls tonight!

Flying off tomorrow~~~~~~~~~ And I havent touch my bloody lugguage.

Last night I was slacking in Starbucks reading the march issue of Vivi, the new spring fashion will all be white, off whites, beige, silks, cotton, mary jane, pumps, brown, darkbrown, and slightly darker shade of denim. Looks nice, and time to change my wardrobe once again!!!!


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Hello Naka said...

oh mwsh i could get my hands on vivi easily :( I love ur hairand the cardigan :3