Monday, January 17, 2011

My love for atas fruits

You know I have this thing atas fruits ?? I can't help but to buy overpriced air flown fruits from all over japan. And it all started with my strawberries in japan. Dou it's cheaper than Singapore but the taste and texture do make a difference! So I started buying expensive fruits. My recent purchase !
This atas kiwi from meidiya. You can see that it is long and not round . And the color is bright green! And let me tell u... It's damn sweet! Dou it's not very expensive but not cheap for a bloody kiwi either. It's 3 for bout 10bucks.

Anyway today is a slacking dat! To compensate myself for a hard weeks work, I'm going to look for my favourite stylist nana later! She has power hands, and is always able to produce that milk tea colour hair for me.

Love her !

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