Monday, January 24, 2011

Japanese iPhone Apps

You know how 'racist' Docomo phones are?? Despite the coolest looks and functions, they are only usable in Japan, and only if you have a Japanese ID. They look bloody tempting. Although there is this hp shop at Liang Court that have Docomo phones displayed on the whole shelf, they are not for sale!! They are only selling the plans for Japanese going back to Japan. So...... too bad! Haha!

However in iPhones, you have a chance to bloody customise the apps, so that they are similar those awesome phones. Although not 100% similar, but it makes your hp looks cute....


Anyways, here's some cool apps to check out!

1. Kitty Mail

I love this app because its hello kitty!! There are 3 designs to choose from, Hello kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars. You can change the background color, fonts, gif animations etc. Then send email to your friends or blog. It allows you to attach pictures too~! Bad thing is.....i think blogger somehow doesnt recognise the animations and image files. I wonder why....and you couldnt send it as an sms to your friends..only email is allowed! sigh~ But overall a cute app!

2. Let's make pictograph!

Here's another email app, a little less sophisticated than Kitty Mail. But in this app you can draw and design your own image file, and place cartoons on your image.

3. Megu Pet!

This app used to irritate the hell out of me because the sound is so annoying. But its quite challenging trying to rear this animal. Haha...and its very popular in Japan! Hmm.... try it out.

4. Puri Puri Marron Mini

I love this! It is a photo editing app and you can add speech bubbles, cartoons, captions and frames just like Puri Kura! Super cute and fun to play!

5. Smileymail

 Another email app which has similar functions as Kitty Mail. But personally I prefer this! More functions and compatible with Twitter, blogs and emails.

6. 盛り髮カメラ

This is a bimbo app with make up tips, hair tutorial videos, and camera function with gyaru's hairstyle, then you can fit your face under those hair to see how you look like. Fun but bimbotic.

7. Fashion-J

If you have no idea what to wear for the day and the latest fashion, check out this app! Its updated daily with photos of random people on the streets. And there are sketches on fashion wear which is a good reference for those who need to be inspired in dressing.

Anyway....I have more bimbotic apps in my phone. Shall blog again sometime! hehe~


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