Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas~☆

I don't know whether this is a good christmas or a bad one. I guess generally good, except for a few disappointment here and there. Enjoyed the Christmas dinner with a good friend, a new found friend and a bunch of Duffyssss....

Finally done with the Christmas shopping and soon its going to be New Year. And new year means there will be a hell load of Fukubukuro. It was damn sad that I didnt stay throughout the New Year in 2008. With my atas air ticket but yet I left the beloved Tokyo on 31 Dec! Stupid right?

So, this year I ordered my Liz Lisa Fukubukuro online! And its the same as Feb 2010! The ribbon suitcase is too small....so I got the white ribbon boston bag. Its 5250yen, which is about $169 sgd including shipping. The suitcase together with the bag is about 15750yen and that is almost $500sgd after shipping! So forget about it.

Can't wait for it to arrive~~~ And I'm also in love with the Samantha Thavasa wallet! The outlet in Singapore do not have the design that I want. But dear Hideaki san knew that I wanted to buy that wallet and he has a friend working in the HQ! Happieee...so...

I can have my Samantha Thavasa!!!

Sometimes I really wonder what takes him that long to really understand me....

it is so easy, just like an open book test if only hescan through my Facebook more often.


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