Friday, September 17, 2010

Blissful evening...

I'm looking at kids running here and there from the 2nd floor. They are playing with bubble gun. So nice~ And im up here in my Ferragamo,admiring the nice architecture. Less a red wine in my hand.

I just came back from a wedding. Its all nice pastel, pink and white, bossa novas, violin, roses, wine, romantic, love, love and more love. So sweet~ I began to think how my dream wedding will be like. Maybe free flow sake and beer and chunks of sashimi. Then with enka songs and kabuki. What the hell...its like Izakaya...HAHAHHA!
Anyway.... getting married is still a looong way to go. Its troublesome getting married. Or in fact its troublesome marrying me. I have lots of demands and I just feel that if I marry the right person, my wedding wont turn out the same as what I've expect. If my wedding turns out to be what I expect, then it wont be for the right man. Hmm... deep~?
Congrats to Valene~! Long time since we meet! Grown prettier and shes such a blissful little women now. I hope the groom remembers what he said tonight~ Man never keep to their promises you know.
Wine is so much better~ yum.

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