Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wanted to post a pic of myself in the blardy yukata...but somehow i think i look damn sloppy! I hope favourite person knows how to wear this thingy....Else I can so imagine my yukata flipping open halfway, or the obi falling out...or maybe I will just trip over my own geita. Anyway, I didnt attend the Natsu Matsuri today. Damn lazy ~ And I cant believe I chose to do my readings instead. Haha...
It's another peaceful day! Well not totally unless minus the rowdy screaming baby and kids. Pissed.. Im glad i managed to finish all the readings.
Had dinner at pasta waraku with brother. (a sudden craving for mentaiko pasta! but i so totally regret it... should have gone to TCC) And I feel nausea now plus slight headache. Is it the food??
Recently, favourite person is always offline. I hope having Duffy doesnt mean losing favourite person. Hmph! I dont like it....Duffy will never be a substitute for anything!
Anyway..... i dont want to think about it.
Chill and time for some chilled green tea.

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