Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I dread the weekend....

Just some updates on my daily life...

I kind of hate this week cos assignment's due on Sun again. Here it goes another burnt weekend, crazy weekdays and sleepless nights. I havent really start on any research and I think I should play and slack till tomorrow. Took study leave tomorrow noon and fri noon. I hope I can concentrate and really manage to type something out. I am considering going Starbucks, hmm hopefully more productive.

Today is another common Tues. Long meeting in the morning, more bitchings on senile people who are not too smart, lunch, work, emails, meeting again and dinner. I guess the happy thing that happen this week is my new pair of shoes. Just nice for the autumn/winter fashion. Its like my Cinderella shoe...cos it fits me perfectly. Love! Going to wear it tomorrow!

And now, finally I am feeling sleepy. No more sleepless nights. And recently I had been having adventourous dreams... Its either the Alice in Wonderland, fairy tale kind of dream or the crazy action packed Indiana Jones kind of dream.... So exciting rite? But its quite tiring...hahahaha. What the hell am I thinking man... my dreams are so off.

Ok, just done with my nails and watching terebi Asahi while typing this blog. Nothing better to do now. Shall pick my clothes and bag for tomorrow and off to bed. I guess im feeling kinda lost recently, ever since favourite person is busy... My msn is like a useless thing to me now and I dont feel like talking to anyone. Sometimes it sucks totally. I don't even know who I am anymore. And sometimes I feel that I have no status, no committments, no promises, nothing (anniversaries?? Damn I am still brooding over it!! That is the greatest mistake....unforgiven!!)Anyway its just some long term high risk investment which only a person of an abnormal mind would invest in. Of cause I know nobodys perfect. I am not perfect and you are not perfect either. But at least I hope that somebody can make an effort to make things slightly better. I guess thats the last time I am going to repeat that. It just doesnt worth the wait when nobody makes an effort.

Distance kills everything.

In the meantime, when one door's about to close, I will always open another for myself.


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