Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring~ The Japan Fair

Spring fashion is in~ I love spring! The combination of baby blue, pink, nude and white, light denim, suede and laces. Its just like the sakuras against the blue sky. I guess all the sakuras must have fallen by this time. Its a pity I couldnt get to see it.

However, now you get a chance to see sakuras in Singapore. Can somemore drink your beer, eat titbits under the man made FAKE sakura trees which are too small. Haha, I was all excited to visit the Hanami Bar. By the way, Hana = flower and Mi = watch /see. So Hanami = flower watching. Today I just happened to past by Hanami Bar, erm.....the sakura trees are too small, how to watch?! Seats are too exposed, probably the drinks are from Yamakawa. Not much crowd except for some caucasians sitting on the tatami enjoying their biru. Disappointed! Hmm, supposed to go there the coming Friday. Now I'm having 2nd thoughts.

Today, I went to Liang court for dinner again. Its the Japan Fair again! I spotted this super cute sushi maker! I almost want to buy it! But I cant make sushi.... Besides that, they are also selling mini sandwich maker! But I guess I would probably be too lazy to make all that kawaii stuff which u can pop the whole thing in your mouth. But it look so cute right? Can make heart shape design somemore... awwwww~~~~~

I think i am going to visit Liang court some time next week again. Need some serious consideration whether to buy this useless little thing. Haha... Anyway, tonight Im suppose to do some readings, analyse it and present on the findings tomorrow. Damn shitty....its some stupid newspaper layout analysis. Yawn....I dont like to read newspapers, I only like to read my fashion magazines. Boring.

No choice....gotta do it soon.

Shall update again soon~!

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