Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was reading Yoshimi's blog yesterday and saw the blog shop she recommended. The clothes are super nice! It's call Japanese Fashion Street. They have the similar clothes like those in ViVi Magazine / Lis Liza. I like!

I was browsing through the blogshop and saw that they have nice yukatas as well! OMG, so pretty! I think it's quite cheap and I really love the designs. I almost wanted to buy...but it just doesnt make sense to wear a Yukata in Singapore. Although its summer throughout here, but people will be staring at you and perhaps they might want end up taking photos with me. Hahaha~

Anyway, here are some of the very nice yukatas that caught my attention.

The 2nd spree is opening in mid May. The cost is about $100 - $200. Perhaps you guys might want to buy it and wear it around our sunny island! haha~ Check out the site here.

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