Thursday, April 15, 2010

Translucent, poreless skin!

Ever since I gave up being tan, I resigned to my fate of my natural fairness. Most asians have a yellowish skin now. Only very few will have the blueish winter skin tone. That kind of tone is similar to most of the very fair Japanese ladies. It goes best with super black hair and pastel colors dressing and make up. My tone is under the golden spring category. Which means I can wear all bright colors except black. Even if i have to wear black, my neckline should still be exposed. One thing that makes me happy is that very blonde hair will suit my kind of skin tone! yippee~~ No wonder I look like FDW when my hair is black.

Now, I like to go for the Geisha look! The very white face!! But no so kua zhang la, just translucent looking skin at times and a stronger lip color. There is this brand under SANA which came out with a series of Geisha inspired make up. In fact I had been using their make up base and face powder for quite some time. I love it. The face powder comes with a mini brush and it super nice which doesnt cake and cast a nice flawless look on the complexion.

The base however is ok only. Although I had been using 2-3 bottles of it. But somehow under our humid climate and days which i had serious breakouts, this base seems to cake. And then I had wihte white thing on the face. But overall i like it because it doesnt clog pores, not oily and it dries out my pimples making them heal faster. And I always got this illusion that using it will make me fairer.

One of my favourite facepowder. Super good for touching up and it is small and compact. I feel secure carrying it everyday. Can get them from John little / SASA

The make up base.
Recently, I discovered this loose powder. I was attracted to the packaging as usual... Description says that this powder is super fine and reflect the lights on your face so that it will make your skin flawless just like the photoshopped version of the models in the magazines. (That is too kua zhang...) but I bought and tried.
I love how fine the particles are! I dont like loose powder which are too shimmery but this is just nice! I've used canmake, fasio, the face shop (worst of all! cos it so shimmery...) And I think I like this best! The only flaw is the applicator. Its quite hard and brings up too much powder. So normally I will use a big face brush to apply the powder on my cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. It really cast a nice shine on the face without making it appear overly shimmery and weird. Remember not to dab too much so that it will look natural.
Can get it from Watsons. It comes in 2 colors, the beige and pink. Mine is pink cos pink will give a more healthy glow~

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