Saturday, April 10, 2010

The most irritating thing in the world

I'm having serious breakouts recently.... its super depressing!! I categorise them into 2 kinds of zits. One of them is the normal type which is not that painful and you can just squeeze them easily. The other kind is the irritating ones which is just red and swollen and you cant squeeze them anyhow or they will leave disgusting marks on your face. Recently, I am having this kind of pimples!!

My secret remedy of using baby powder doesnt really work this time. So recently I went to Watsons and get this facial wash call Proactive solutions skin renewal. Its bout 30 over bucks. I saw some good reviews on it and decided to try it out. I thought its the normal kind of facial wash but its not! There are some exfoliants inside and it has a very strong chemical smell when you wash the face. After using it you can feel that the skin become smoother~ Although now my pimples are still there.......but somehow I kind of like this new facial wash. It doesnt dry out the skin like how I thought it will. And it makes me feel 'secure' using it. HAhahaa... I can sense it battling with my pimples. However, the instructions said that if your skin starts to peel too much after using this, then have to reduce it to once per day. So far my face is ok. I'll see what happens 2-3 weeks later.

I hate pimples!!!!

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