Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 3 Barcelona!

Ohayo! Churros for breakfast in the morning~ and off the Gaudi Park to check out some great architecture. 

 Not forgetting the fountain at Las Ramblas. There's a myth that says once you've drank the fountain water, you will definately go back to Barcelona again. Is that true?

 It is a very steep slope up the hills...and I am actually perspiring in this cold weather!

 Familiar place? Its in once of the shooting ground for Meteor Garden II

 Overlooking the scenery, listening to some live spanish songs.

 And u know what? Spot the Hansel & Gretal house!

 Gingerbread house
 Gaudi's house
 Lots of weird furniture inside, the house is big and eerie in a way. It took us forever to find this house...located on the top of another slope.

 Duffy was here too!
 It rained terribly that day and here we are seeking shelter in a very nice restaurant eating roasted chicken! This is one of the tastiest food I've eaten in Barcelona. I hate those cold and hard sandwiches...
And the Barcelona Football Stadium..didnt went in dou.

At night we settled for Pans & Company! Why Singapore NO HAVE!? Bloody nice! I miss the chicken crunch burger...

One thing I realised when i'm travelling in non asian countries, I always end up eating fast food. Super sinful and unhealthy and I feel super fat. Very unlike Japan.....I feel a whole load healthier and prettier! haha..

Looking forward to Tokyo again in March.

Anyway, read on for Day 4!

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Joseph Russo said...

I stayed at this one 'bed&breakfast' boutique hotel in Newport, Rhode Island and the decor alone made me never want to leave. Your photos are ammmmazzzzing! I hope you had a wonderful time (it sure looks it!). I can't wait to see your other photos from the rest of your trip! nightlife Barcelona