Saturday, December 31, 2011

All about Barcelona

Almost forget to blog about my Barcelona adventure! It was the longest journey, took 7 flights in total, transit here and there. The weather is killing me, fell sick and caught in rain, met perverts and almost got pickpocketed. Besides having crazy people, racists, the cold hard bread and all sorts of haunted ghostly mishaps in our apartment.The fruits are fresh, men are cute, the scenery and arts culture are enchanting, the GuangZhou shop owner saved our life in a way, and Spanish songs are sexy, and street performers are cool.

Here's some pictures of Barcelona!

Sangrada Familia

Going to our apartment. Anyway service sucks! Pls dont stay here

Our strong taxi driver who brought us to the wrong place

Our haunted apartment with electricity leakage, ghosts, rats, broken wifi and an electric stove that took ages to boil water, no kettles, and only 1 roll of pathetic toilet paper.

  I know it looks very nice and its damn big!
 the alley outside our apartment
 we stayed along Las Ramblas and guess what, we met The Mad Hatter!

to be continued...

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