Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slimming during shower

There's so many slimming cream around but most of them doesnt work.. Bought this from Nishino Pharmacy and its a cooling leg cream. Suppose to soothe tired legs and help in blood circulation, making it slim... Not a bad product but it gel like texture with a sticky feel after that. And everytime I use it before bed I feel like it will stain my blanket... But it does make the leg feel tighter and hydrated.

The next thing I like to explore will be different salt scrub. Here's the peach flavor bath salt, not my favourite cos it has this weird milky smell...rather weird. But it makes the skin very smooth after that. And its really cheap~ Less than 10sgd.

Here's another slimming cream that I hate. The first slimming cream I tried ages ago, I think it just generate heat but doesnt really help. Plus its the same sticky texture again.... Dont like....Dont work.

Then, I gave up on slimming cream and stick to bath salt scrub. Dou it doesnt make me lose inches, but it helps to exfoliate dead skin and keep it smooth and nice!

And here's my favourite Esteny SANA scrub with raw sea salt! It smells like blackcurrent and the salt is medium grain, making it good for body exfoliation. It helps to firm skin and whitens them too~ I really love the after-feel of this scrub cos it gives the body a menthol like feel, very cooling and it makes me very sleepy after using it, and the skin is super smooth and the smell is super nice!

 A good bedtime scrub and worth a try! I got it from ALT and its a shame that ALT is closed!!! Super sad..they have so many cute stuff from Japan! Probably can get it from SASA or John little then~

Anyway, slimming cream doesnt help, unless you apply, massage and wrap your body dilligently every single day!! Exercise is still the best option and taking hot bath helps too! Immerse half of your body into hot water will help blood circulation and increase your metobolism. The water level should not exceed your heart.

I bought this self-heating mineral bath salt from Japan before and its really good. Was feeling damn hot using it, but the smell was not very nice and the water was almost black in color, making it abit yucky. Anyway, taking hot baths makes you hydrated, so be sure to drink lots of water and apply moisturiser after that!
I love baths

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