Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new favourite remover!!

I had been using the eye make up remover from Loreal all the while and got quite sick of it cos its quite oily. Then I saw this Cleansing Express Eye Make Up remover from Watsons. Its not oily at all and remove my make up totally!!! Especially when I used fake lash and smurge proof, waterproof eyeliner and such, my eyelash glue just come off within seconds. I love this product now~
They have the cleansing wipe too but so far they only sell it in packs of 4 I think. Good for trips~ I guess the best thing about this remover is that it is water base and not oily. Its going to be my favourite eye make up remover.................! Next I may be trying their face make up remover. I tested it on my hands but seems quite mild. Probably cos its water based.... Shall try and see!
Anyway, just a random photo of me and Shellie May. See, we got the same eye color.

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Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

lol, two blue-eyed dolls next to each other. Cute :-)