Saturday, September 25, 2010

Duffy is not lonely

Yes that is Shellie May!! She is Duffy's new found friend, kanojo, girlfriend! I didnt buy her, she belongs to my friend whose friend got it for her from Disneysea! Now Duffy is no longer lonely~ Shellie May is soooo cute! and bimbo looking~ Cos her fur is brownish pink, she wears a big bow, she got lashes and her eyes are blue lor. Its like her fake contact lense....haha.

So cute~

Going to post more pics of them soon. We went to our colleague's housewarming at the Pinacle @ Duxton. The sky garden is so nice! Good place to camwhore~ Finally some decent view of Singapore from somewhere tall.

Look of the day...its my pair of favourite lash. $9.90 from Watsons. Its super long but still looks natural cos the bridge is transparent and the hairs are not glossy, and they are of different lengths. So it blends in well into the lash line and real lashes.

And recently I had been drawing the bottom eyeliner outside the eye. Very much like those models in EGG and Ranzuki. Looks bit weird close up but ok for photographs. Also check out the new leopard print nails!!!! Actually I had been looking up nail art tutorials on Youtube. Saw this leopard print design and tried it on my own nails. Its super easy and fun to play with. 4 colors in total:

1. Paint the base with metallic brown / bronze

2. Dot irregular spots or patches of pink with thin brush

3. Outline the pink with black in dry thin brush

4. Dab some glitter colors on top of those spots

5. Top coat!

I think next im going to try the watermelon nails....They look so kawaii...

If u noticed, my heart shape ribbon ring is back! I lost it some time back and its a miracle i spotted it. Not sure if its the exact pair, but at least its back around me now.


Momo said...

You have such a lovely blog. I will follow you!
xoxo Momo (^3^)

ももそら said...

Thank you! This blog is all about my love for the land of the rising sun, Japan! And occasional posts on make up and bimbo stuff.. Happy reading!! ^_^