Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Festival

Met up with bro after class and we are lucky to catch the mini summer festival carnival at Meidiya. Actually not much things to look forward to but I just wanted to try the melon cotton candy. I got bro to Q cos they were all kids...haha. The cotton candy was huge! But it taste normal la, no very melony. Saw some father scooping the yoyos for the son and some more kids playing with stuffs etc. I think its quite pathetic for the jpn kids in sg. There isnt much space for stuffs and events. And if there are big events, it will be in the local Japanese schools where only japanese are allowed.

In fact, I realised most jpn kids in sg are rowdy and rude. I was almost tempted to scold a few of them once. I wonder why some rich parents breed brats....Anyway, Liang court is really nice on weekdays when its quiet and peaceful. I love there still.


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