Monday, August 9, 2010

Shopping at home again...

Candydoll has came out with more colors and nail polish! And I discovered a nice online site which you can order it! Although the price are not the lowest among other sites, but the website it is not the most expensive. It is a local site and they ship worldwide too.

They also carry other popular brands like AC by Angel Color and Melliesh!! The colors are super cute~ Its summer now and the popular colors are warm shades like orange and peach. But I think I look weird in orange blusher, so I had to mix it with the highlights and a pinky hue. Anyway, I bought the Serra Melliesh lipgloss. The colors are so pretty and its a 3 in 1 formula which includes lip concealor, lip stick and lip gloss. I got mine in No.2 'Cute dolly girl'

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