Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Assignments vs Pork Burger

Its such a nice weather to be a couch potato, doing nothing, even online shopping. But too bad its a Monday. I'm working from home today so that I can save the trouble of bringing my thick textbook to office. Yes...I've got assignments to rush and its on the bloody Public Relations. Totally not my kind of subject. I kind of miss the fun in my NAFA assignments last time, tedious but fun. Unlike now...its like essays essays and more essays.

So, today is a bloody hardworking evening for me. I got myself settled down with tons of inspiring music, that ugly thick textbook and the online assignments. I am glad its MCQ this time but I got stuck in one of the questions...or 2..... I am so lost! Sigh....I wondered if I got the meaning right but it doesnt make much sense to me. Anyway....I'm left with 3 bloody questions. Gotta rush them in office tomorrow. Hopefully I can seek some help...Arg!

And...I collected my yukata! They are sooooo pretty!! But I overlooked the description and realised mine doesnt come with obi and geita la... Then how? Dont even have yukata strings for me to tie lor. Gotta pay extra for an obi that doesnt really quite fit or match my current yukata design. Sad to the max...

I should have bought the ones below, save me the trouble. How I wish I dont need to study now. Then I can splurge my money on more japan trips, clothes and more bimbotic useless products. This year is sucky, although I keep reminding myself it will be over soon~ Then I can go Japan. But..it seems like forever.

Here's a pic of my Makuronarudo breakfast and the ever famous crepe from Harajuku to make myself miss Japan even more..................

(Its pork burger!! Yum...)

bye bye

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