Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The Yukata spree is here again! And I decided to get a set. Although there might not be any chance for me to wear lah. But, its nice and cheap.... So I just ordered mine.

It's from Japanese Fashion Street again~! hahaaa....I like the Yukatas there. I think its obviously better than the Akihabara shop in central or bugis. Those are overpriced.

I saw the cute goldfish one!!! (Actually l would prefer it to be rabbits...). Are you ready for Natsu Matsuri??

Can check out their yukatas here.

And recently I received the newsletter from meidi-ya. They are having summer festival. I got excited looking at it. Cos I so want to buy the melon flavoured candy floss!!! Its 3bucks each. There's alot of other exotic flavors as well! Other than food, there will be games too. (For kids i guess). Should be quite happening. Its from the 23 July to 1 Aug.

Looking forward~!

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