Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tomo Izakaya

The best time to relax after a long hard day is to go to a nice ambience place with fresh healthy food and nice beer! I miss Tomo Izakaya! And its at clark quay, convenient!!
And recently, I brought Duffy there! I miss that place and they have free flow of beer from 5-7pm, 1 for 1. Although the food are expensive, but it do reminds me of those I had in Tokyo and its fresh. And their menus are quite exotic.

This time, we ordered quite a few new stuff to try. I miss the bacon, mushroom with cheese and mentaiko skewers!!!! Its super nice la!!! And I heard that the sashimi are very fresh too~ Although I didnt try it.
Later in the evening there will be live music going on too. Although I think that the jazzy music doesnt really go along with the place. They should play some old japanese enka instead what... Hmm. Anyway, its a nice little evening with quality food. And I'll never forget the smiles of the cute little japanese boy! He was running around with that cheeky smile on his face. So cute la! I wanted a son like him too~

Hmm...nice place~ love love it!

Mentaiko rice

My udon...I am attracted by the egg on top

Duffy camwhoring

Onsen tamago (hot spring egg) Its not cooked in onsen dou, probably just look like the egg is soaking in onsen..

And good beer makes the night complete


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