Monday, July 26, 2010


I think the nice ramen should always use pork for the soup base. I really cannot stand those with chicken soup / fish / prawn or what. Chicken stock taste like instant noodle, fish just taste like bonito flakes and prawn...i don't know la, taste like chinese prawn mee.

Everytime I ate a nasty bowl of ramen, I thought of my favourite sapporo ramen at Gallery Hotel. It's still my no. 1. Ippudo ramen is really overanked.

Recently, I had this weird ramen at Parco Millenia. The place is Keisuke. The noodles look like hokkien mee and the soup is too oily. It really reminds me of lor mee or laksa. However, nice courteous staff and good service overall. And they have the nicest Gyozas. But, I wont be going back there a 2nd time. Its too expensive.

Here's how the ramen looks like. They uses prawn soup base.

Spicy miso ramen

Non spicy miso...somemore theres extra charge for the tamago lor. Must add yourself So not worth! Arg...its a ramen which will made me angry.

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