Sunday, July 11, 2010


Out with Kyandei san today! Long time since we sing, shop, eat, slack and take our プリクラ together! Today is the perfect day to shop cos pays in and its the perfect weather to be outdoor too! Happie~

Burnt a hole in the pocket as well cos there are too many temptations recently due to the SG sale. And I love Canmake and KATE! Super glad to see KATE in Watsons now! Yippeeeeee...... Price are slightly higher but still ok. I'm dying to try every product. But today I just got myself the powder foundation and eye concealor. I had been eyeing on he powder foundation for a long time cos the powder are super fine. Its like the 2nd finest after Chanel. The eye concealor looks think and creamy and I hope it wont be too much for my eye...

I am not a powder foundation person and I try avoiding using foundation. Except on bad skin days when I need high coverage on zits. I will depend very much on my Revlon Softflex. Now my skin is in a slightly better condition (thanks to Proactive), I shall try using powder foundation.

This evening, I brought Kyandei san to Cineleisure's Purikura place! I think they have the best machine laaaa! I went with favourite person the other time and the effect is super nice! I think the machine has the magic of enlarging small eyes and make u look super fair. The interesting thing is that the machine uses 100 yen coins. That time I stupidly took my $10 notes to exchange for coins and forgot that favourite person actually have all the 100 yen coins... Anyway, Im glad we took nice photos today and it made my day~ (although my shoe strap broke halfway while walking...)

Now im in my room, finished unpacking those hauls and feeling sleepy. But I dont feel like ending my night yet eh...hmm. Time to read my magazines!!


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