Friday, June 18, 2010

Kamakura - Enoshima

I can't believe I'm tired of blogging now. Cos I need to finish my weblog assignment before I can start to blog bout rubbish things. But somehow the beautiful beach of Enoshima came to my mind, so I decided to post the pics I took of that beautiful sunset.

I would really want to go there again. Summer is here soon~ And soon, Enoshima will be crowded with people playing music, sun tanning, eating yakisoba by the beach! I still remember that time when I was there, it was a quiet peaceful winter.
The sun was shining so brightly right infront of me. But yet the wind was freezing me. I love that place..........

Hmm, should I post more of the other emo photos I took?

Anyway, I was reading that blog again and it make me emo like hell all over again. I cant believe they've been to all the places we went. I made me feel like a fool. Or rather, I made myself a fool.

I know I should stop reading it but I wouldnt stop, until I've drown myself totally into that blog. Only when I couldn't be drowned anymore then I shall pull myself up. That's the way I heal myself.

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