Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clothes arrive!

Today is the usual liang court days with the girls. Salmon teriyaki for dinner! And we hang out around liang court. Its a good nice evening and a better one when I received my loots from Japanese Fashion Street! The clothes are nice and quality is good! Although my denim jacket doesnt look exactly like what it is on the website...hmm...but overall, nice shopping experience~ I hope they have more items. Melliesh and Candydoll!!

That's what I bought!


Just finish bathing and rotting in my room. The room is too quiet so i'm blasting random songs on my bro's laptop. Today, i saw Duffy on the japanese magazine again. I am so sad that nobody is going to buy Duffy for me........SOBSOBSOB!

That ugly yet adorable DuffyBear...........

I hope they have Disneysea in Singapore........

Can I request it as a birthday present??? Sigh....

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