Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ranking My Favourite Mascaras

Damn happy today!! Its a loooong day cos we managed to survived a super draggy meeting in the morning. Enjoyed the loooong lunch break and love the loooong evening doing shopping! After using so many different tyoes of mascaras. I will put up my top 3 again...Hehehe~ There are quite a few which I like. But for a humid weather like Singapore, most mascaras are very prone to smudging.

The criteria for a good mascara (for me) should not smurdge, contains fibres to give me looooong lashes, light enough so that lashes doesnt droop and most importantly, easy to remove! Fasio mascaras produces fine clean lashes, however its suuuper damn hard to remove! Im not going to use them again lah!!

Here are the top ones which I love~~~~


Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour

This give you the neatest lashes ever. Long and curl, smurge proof and easy to apply. Beginners should use this, but one thing is this doesnt give you volume lashes. The Lash Gorgeous Wing series give you long thick lashes but the fibres tend to be flakey. So i can find bits of black dropping on my cheeks towards end of the day. Abit irritating.


Canmake Glamourous Fur

This will give u super long lashes due to the fibre inside. It doesnt smurge and its super easy to remove and best of all it doesnt weigh down your lash and your lashes could stay UP whole day! Love love~


Now come the TOP, my FAVOURITE one....


Its a japanese brand, "Kiss Me" This is the bestest of all. Cost about $27. It fufils all the above criteria lah. Nice packaging too, I had used up 3 of this. Whenever I go to Tokyo, I will definately buy this to stock up. Its still my favourite now. TRY IT!!

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