Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ranking My Favourite Facial Mask

Yes! Finally the internet connection is running fast and alive! The guy came to install, and we bought a wireless router today. I am so happy!!! So feel free to msn, email, fb, or disturb me! Connection is FAST!

Today I went to Vivocity to get the computer stuff and I still cant resist the temptation of my favourite face mask "My Beauty Diary" I had tried most of the flavor, sake and Q10 are my favourite. It was a pleasant surprise whenever I open any of the mask. Cos they smell so yummy. And best thing is they are super hydrating and does'nt leave your face with a sticky feeling. I bought the White Pearl Powder one today. Although not my favourite, but its still good. White pearl has got the whitening and toning effect. I shall use it everyday and see the results!

I realised I'm like a walking promoter for skincare and cosmetics for my friends. I like to share what I think is really GOOD!! I think all girls should put in more effort in skincare routine and make up. If you cannot treat them, conceal them! I like to explore new products and I found some really really good ones. Shall share them here next time!

Now, face masks first!


SK II Facial Treat Mask (if you can afford)

SK II facial treatment mask, its about $5bucks per piece. Use this if you can afford cos its super hydrating with pitera inside. Which means it helps the skin grow new collagen and keep it young from within. I think theres a weird smell in SKII mask and it feels abit sticky after using. It suuuper hydrating. But it is good. I always use it during important big days. Eg: The night before I fly to japan cos i couldnt sleep.


Red Wine Mask (Some japanese brand)

Red wine mask! Price ranges from 10 - 13bucks, depends on where you buy it from. This is the my favourite before I discover My Beauty Diary. Very strong red wine smell and the face feels clearer after using. Cheap and good! But lesser and lesser places are selling it now. So a little hard to find. I like their spots removing ones and antioxidant ones. Really can see the results.


My Beauty Diary - Sake Mask!

Cheap, $1.20 per piece if you buy it online, cheaper places selling at $1.80 per piece. Guardian selling at $17 per box (10 pieces). Everytime I use it I feel like Im getting drunk. Sake mask, the best seller now. I cant find it in guardian anymore. Grab it while you can!

Next up..shall post on the best mascaras!

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