Saturday, November 21, 2009

Girl's night out

Today was a rather short day in office. Noon was boring .... Evening was great. Me and the girls went for our 'bird' dinner at Orchard Ion, followed by shopping, and tea! Dolo lose the bet, so she treat us to atas dessert! Marmalade Pantry!

We realised there are so many gays around nowadays. It used to be out of 10 guys, 1 is gay. Now its out of 10 guys 3 are gays! Some gays are cute, some are just -_-" I guess at the rate of increasing gays, there will be more and more single women. I don't want....although we all love gays. Anyway, I want to get married and have kids. Maybe 2 or 3, breed more right brainers and made them learn music. Dreaming... Its a few more years. Im already plan is already late. Forget it.

Okies, tonight was alot of walking, laughing, bitching, shopping. A typical girls night out. I enjoy this kind of life. Life is fun and I love being alive. You can do so many things. I really hope I could live long enough to see the entire world.

Anyway, some make up discovery today! Cezanne is out in Guardian! I saw this brand all the time in my magazines but I don't know Singapore do carry it now. It so cheap and the range of products are wide. I don't know what to buy.... So I got myself the eyeliner pencil and make up remover today. Its damn cheeeep. Although not as cheap as buying from japan la.

Make up remover

Pencil eyeliner

Next up, I really hope Singapore could bring in Sweets Sweets! Its another low end cosmetic range. Just like its name. the packaging are sweet, everything is sweet lah! I bought the lipgloss last year and its the most hydrating, non sticky, shiniest lip gloss. Love it to the core. I'm glad Erica is going to Toyko soon! I can get her to buy for meeeee!

Check out Sweets Sweets here!

I heart all...

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